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How to Grill Steak to Perfection

Grilled steak is a favorite meal for many people across the world when cooked the right way. Practice is needed to know how to cook steak properly and perfectly. Controlling the heat has proven to be the secret to exceptional grilling. Use sufficient heat for bringing out the flavor, browning and great texture, but not excessively that the steak burns.

Professional chefs, particularly the ones who operate live fires, take time to perfect their heat modulation skills. A majority of us only spend a short time over some family gatherings cooking on the grill. Before you learn how to better your cooking skills, there’s a need to know how to set up the grill efficiently.

Valuable tips

While fast-cooking cuts of meat, fish, chicken and veggies, the most effective grilling is conducted by placing the food at the center of the grill over the source of heat. This is simply called direct grilling.


Given that you are using charcoal as your heat source, heat your coals using a chimney or electrical starter. About 36 coals are needed to grill over medium-to-high heat for some 20 minutes. Once the coals are heated properly (glowing red and covered with some ash), spread them out following a single layer at the middle of your grill. Place the grill grate we and leave it to get heated. You should cover the grill to allow for better heating.


On the other hand, if you are using gas, turn on all the burners and heat your grill and grate until they are hot. Lower the heat as necessary to suit medium-hot cooking. To achieve a smoky flavor, place some soaked firewood chips on a foil onto your heat source. For effective grilling, set the temperature of your oven between 375-425 degrees.
Scrape the hot grates properly before you place your food on the grill. Brush/spray your food with some oil, but don’t oil the grates. Place the food over the source of heat, cover your grill and set your timer.

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